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A Creative Morning

I seized the opportunity to experience the first Creative Mornings event in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Fort Wayne is the home of my first real professional job; I was a news photographer at what was then known as 21Alive. I was late to that interview (which was during a whole other century) because I became very very lost, and that wouldn’t be the last time that would happen in Fort Wayne and the surrounding areas. And believe it or not, I ran into my first boss from 21Alive on the way into the CM event! My best friend of 20 years and counting, John Hartman of Zero Seven Films, and I probably popped up in my old boss’ b-roll for the news that day. (John and I met at that job! Oh, the memories!)

With John Hartman from @zerosevenfilms. We are very excited. And I can't seem to take an Us-ie that isn't blurry.

Nate Utesch @utesch speaking at @cm_fortwayne

Nate Utesch was the featured speaker/artist/X-files enthusiast/musician who was open enough to share his amazing experiences with a group of fans/strangers. He admitted he not only still watches the X-files on a regular basis, but he also documents these viewings and trivia from each episode in a spreadsheet! He shared that the best advice he can give to a creative is to constantly design and create and to even share the work that they don’t consider stellar. Working and creating is what has won him work designing a Smashing Pumpkins album cover and scoring the latest David Lynch series of short films. Yeah. Scoring David Lynch projects. A dude in Fort Wayne. Who is nice. And talented. All of this is just the tip of his creative iceberg. I didn’t take notes, so I probably have some bits and pieces of info wrong, but I mean no harm. I’m just blown away by him.

Inspiration comes from most shows and creatives I meet. This time was no exception. I hope I brought home creative words to live by.

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