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Got FAQs? There’s a video for that.

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Are people curious about your business? Want to creatively highlight all the answers to the FAQs on your website? A great way to explain what you do and answer questions potential clients have, is with a video.

A service called Chip Drop embraced their unique business model and offered this video to answer their company’s frequently asked questions. I think it’s a huge win! Note the funny title.

Screenshot of ChipDrop video from GetChipDrop.com. I do not own this image but wanted to highlight their creative video marketing.

I found this info because I’m a novice gardener, and one of my favorite gardening blogger/show host/podcaster, Joe Lamp’l of www.joegardener.com sang the praises of Chip Drop in Podcast 110: Why Mulch Matters.

Screenshot from JoeGardener.com. Joe is a wealth of gardening knowledge. I don't own this image but he's one of my gardening idols.

I needed to find out if Chip Drop was right for me. I checked the service’s website, and I was thrilled and amused by that video. It answered all the questions I had about how to use the Chip Drop service and what to expect from the product. As a consumer and video marketer, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

.If your business wants to use the same approach, give me a call at 317-883-9217 or email Rachel@eyecatchingedits.com. This kind of video would be a fun direction to help potential customers understand what you do.

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