• Rachel Hardy

Branching out and growing

Next on the To Do List is to meet people who need my video marketing services. I plan on joining professional/networking groups, sponsoring events and festivals, and participating in community events and festivals to meet you! Have any suggestions for great festivals to set up a table or booth? Suggestions on great networking groups? How have your grown in your business or personal life since last year? Please comment to share your journey!

My ideal collaborators are video teams who need additional creative backup. I’ll take some projects off the table and reduce the stress of the post-production process for your team. Trust me to deliver! Collaboration and putting teams and individuals at ease is what I’m here for. Let’s visualize together, so I can make your story materialize.

This is not to say video teams are my one and only. Of course not! Need a social media video? No video team, you say? Put my skills to work for you. I keep costs low by using the footage you’ve recorded on your phone (cell phone video is great) and edit your photos into a video with your logo, animations, you name it. The possibilities are endless, really. Let’s talk!

Trees in Savannah

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