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3 or 4 right turns, but who’s counting?

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Sometimes, you have to make three right turns to go in the direction you originally wanted.

I graduated college with dreams of documentary filmmaking. Of course, I also graduated with a job waiting for me in Fort Wayne, Indiana (right turn #1). I decided television photojournalism would be close to documentary work. Should be factual, right? Would be of-the-moment, right? There were connections to documentaries there.

That job was hard. TV news is not for the faint of heart, physically weary, or emotionally stressed. I swear snow was on the ground for six months straight. I promise I worked there for five years, even though on paper, it was only for a year and a half. It was rough.

I moved to Indianapolis to continue in television news. Still as strenuous as ever. I toughed it out until 2011, when I left that job to work in a call center (right turn #2). Yup. In-bound phone calls and customer service were the next stop. Then, the same company posted a video producer opening in the PR department. Well, I never!

Having fun at work on Halloween.
Halloween, a banana costume, and an old camera. Photo by Katie Shepardson

I accepted the corporate video producer job, and the team grew over the next five years. I produced a wide range of videos for a wide range of audiences. The team were heading in a great direction… until the day half of us were laid off. I was one of those people, and I was even wearing the company t-shirt that day to boot.

This led me back to a temporary position in TV news (a U-turn?) at a different station where the employees encouraged me to apply. I worked there until I found something more permanent, which led me to accepting a career and technical high school teaching position (right turn #3).

Teachers are amazing people, and some of those kids were truly great, and the best parts of my workday. But I realized I missed creative control and producing visual stories. I knew I needed back into a creative video career.

One of those old TV news jobs paid off. There was a pension plan while I was there, and now they were selling the company and doing away with the plan that I’d left in their management. I was allowed to take that pension money (and pay taxes on it), so I saw this as my opportunity to start my own business: EyeCatching Edits (right turn #4).

Now, I can produce all the different kinds of creative videos I want, and even work on documentaries. We’ll see where this road takes me. If you have to take a detour to get to your destination, take the surprise route, enjoy the scenery, learn as much as you can, and it may pay off.

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