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Updated: Jul 21, 2019

It was suggested I take you on a voyage of my creative mind... get ready for a wild ride.

What was my process for the two social media videos I produced for Indiana Youth Group (IYG) www.indianayouthgroup.org ? Here, I’ll tell you about the first project. My first step was to contact a lovely friend of mine at the organization. I offered my video services to IYG because the organization’s purpose is meaningful to me, and I knew they had lots to share with the public about what they do and what they accomplish. She invited me to a staff meeting where I met lots of fun people who were heads of different branches of outreach. It was explained that the next event was for the Youth Summit. The theme would be “Exploring Intersecting Identities.” I had a notion as to what Intersectionality was. But I made sure to Google it, just to be sure. I wanted to expedite the video process for this event, since it was less than a month away.

I mulled over what this video should look like. Colors? I knew the logo for IYG was colorful, and their main audience would see this video announcement on social media. What should that look like? What would grab audience attention while they scroll? I’m all for color. I kicked around going kind of literal with intersections/criss-cross designs to which teens could relate….. My vision for this was kind of blurry for a while, if I must admit. I listed all of the elements I found that related to intersectionality and kicked around color schemes in my head.

Then I saw Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse.

This movie gave me a whole new design direction. I heard the co-writers/co-producers and director on NPR Studio 1A before I viewed the movie, and while not offering any spoilers, they enticed me even more to go see it. I was not disappointed. The aesthetic and determination to get the look they achieved will influence me for the rest of my design life! It was kismet that a movie in which several worlds and different characters intersected was injected into my life at that time! Intersecting worlds?? Intersecting identities?? If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is.

By some sort of luck I was able to lace together the “crossword puzzle” type graphic for intersectionality. Coming up with the background for it was another challenge. I wanted to do an abstract spider web, and didn’t quite get it to where I wanted, but time permitting, I achieved a solid look. This project looped automatically with social media's automatic playback.

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