• Rachel Hardy

Getting Focus Back

Who has advice for getting your focus back? This is an audience participation post!

Deana Haworth speaking with Top Floor Women

Motivational speakers are out there with seminars that take 45 minutes and sell a helpful book. They are there to motivate and direct, but what’s your personal motto or reminder that’s quick and easy? Comment on this blog with your advice on how to focus on goals. What do you do? How do you come back from a distraction?

Top Floor Women audience during Haworth's engagement on branding for professional development

I’ll admit, I’ve been distracted from my goals with a side gig that not only doesn’t relate to my love of digital media post-production, it isn’t even creative. I thought it would be a nice change if I were busy and burnt out with creative work - a nice balance. It’s a completely foreign topic that requires my concentration and energy, but doesn’t not require the skills I’ve developed over almost 20 years of professional experience, and it literally only pays the bills and doesn’t provide much fulfillment outside of that. My plan was to continue to grow EyeCatching Edits and build my creative and technical skills, but I lost that focus, even with reminders set in my calendar.

In the comments: Tell me what you do to get your focus back.

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