• Rachel Hardy

Giving Back

I’m taking advantage of this new venture to give back to organizations who need help with video. There are upstarts and organizations who have helped me, my friends, and my family, but not everyone is familiar with the good these small businesses or charities do. I’m here to help them get their messages out.

The first sponsorship I’ve been able to offer is to the Circle City Film Festival. This is the second year for the festival, and it just keeps growing. Be sure to click the video in this blog entry to see what you missed last year! I was able to use the footage and photos from their website to produce this Highlight Reel to help promote their upcoming second year. Entries are already being accepted! :) This film festival is based in Indianapolis, so it’s really finding a niche. Can’t wait to attend this year! Be on the lookout for more EyeCatching Edits sponsorship videos!

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