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Grow a Business, Grow a Garden

Sunflower success!

Now that colder weather and busy holiday time are approaching, I’m reflecting on what I’ve accomplished this year in my spare time. Hobbies keep us sane by offering an escape.

The decision to launch my own video marketing business presented a long list of new responsibilities, and if I wasn’t going to do them, no one would. Really, the list would be never ending. When I think about it, it’s still overwhelming, but I’ve come a long way, and I’ve grown a lot, which is a pun-y lead-in for my latest hobby.

Gaura growing in my garden

I launched in late fall/early winter - a time when I don’t always feel too creative because the sun starts to show itself less, and along with that, family time for the holidays really cranks up. I used to love oil painting and had a room dedicated to the chemicals and mess that comes with canvas, easel, and palettes and brushes. But I don’t think I have the space, in my mind or in my home, to paint these days. Instead, I jumped into the heavily Instagrammed houseplant and gardening craze. In the cold dreary winter of Indiana, I began planning my garden - much like planning the steps for business growth and professional development. So, see, not only am I growing a business, I’m growing a garden, too!

I find inspiration in trying to figure out what a plant needs to thrive, much like figuring out the best video marketing strategy for a client. ...See what I’m doing here? I’m growing sunflowers and growing ideas. I’m nurturing veggies and nurturing relationships. I’m tending the soil and attending professional growth opportunities. I've experienced growth in my garden and in my client success!

What are your hobbies? Do they relate to your worklife? Do you think about why you enjoy what you're choosing to do in your spare time? Comment below!

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