• Rachel Hardy

Jumping in wearing big girl boots.

For years, [eye]’ve been trying to be a grownup by going solo to events, all with the mindset of practicing for this small business promotion life. Since I finally decided to start my own business, I’ve been treating most events and gatherings as networking events/meetups to promote EyeCatching Edits. That’s so I don’t back down from this idea. I told friends and family that I’m gonna do this!...so I don’t chicken out. I’ve handed out temporary business cards and elevator pitched strangers, so I continue to hold myself to this dream.

I’ve scratched out ideas for describing this video service business and then later replaced dull words with vivid ones. I’ve sought advice from my 13yr old daughter for starting my Instagram business profile, and she’s been as supportive as a darling daughter can be. I’ve barely kept my head above water in the depths of the pool called website development, but with the help of my absurdly supportive tech support husband, Jared, who joined forces with me 17 years ago, I have the site up and running.

We’ll all see how this turns out. I’ve been seeking help from my friends who’ve started small businesses themselves. Vanessa Carman of Circle City Wellness steered me in the direction of buying my LLC online from the Indiana Sect. of State’s office, and setting up my EIN online with the IRS, and has been encouraging during our massage therapy appointments (should be called just plain therapy). :) Her biz card is pictured.

I’ve admired and cheered on several friends in their dream endeavors, and I decided to use and abuse their kindness for my business gains. :) I have patient and wonderful family members whose knowledge lay outside of what I can handle, who take on the hills I have a hard time climbing.

With the help of all of the kind geniuses I know, these boots were made for hiking….right to the top of this mountain!

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