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Learning is fun!

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

For several years now, my focus has been video post-production. It’s almost a sickness, how much I enjoy it. I’ve survived EditStar, Grass Valley Group, FCP 6&7, and Premiere Pro, with a touch of DaVinci and FCPX stirred in. I have a love-hate relationship with Premiere Pro. I take that platform to a-whole-nother level, I tell ya.

I now have the opportunity to learn more about After Effects and Photoshop. Learning all of these platforms makes post a richer experience. So much to the extent that I’m producing animation and motion graphics from the ground up, which is something I never thought I’d be doing.

Being able to cultivate a tiny seed of an idea in my head fully, to a place where an audience can view it, is not only an exhilarating challenge for me, but adds to the final elevated marketing product I can provide to my clients and their audiences.

If you’re in a spot where you know you need to grow yourself to expand your happiness and success, and can make that work for your clients, do it. Take a class, search the internet for answers, call your friends who can help. Do what you need to do and take the time. Even if, like me, you might end up cursing your computer for a while or seeing that something “fails” the first, second, or third time, you’ll be so happy you used your time productively to expand your creative horizons and fulfillment.

What new thing have you learned lately?

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