• Rachel Hardy

The New Days of My Life

While doing piles of research to start this new business, I learned that blogging is sort of a Google requirement. While I’m all about posting snarky remarks on social media, and while I love following Instagrammers in far-off destinations, I’ve been called “Insta-Gramma” by my dear husband and 13yr-old daughter; I’m a little ahead of some and a lot behind others when it comes to navigating the social webs. I’ve never been a journal keeper. Internal monologuer, yes. Diary keeper, no. So, herein lies a problem with needing to blog. I suppose I can just keep posting puns because I love them and [eye] don’t care what you say, and I can take you along with me on this journey of, “What did I get myself into?” and, “I just love editing video!” and, “I probably need a copy editor.”

I stole this image from the internet. Please don't sue me. This is an accurate depiction of how I feel sometimes.

When it comes to starting my own business, I’m a lot behind. I’m jumping in and going with my gut. Welcome to the New Days of My Life. I’ll strive to kick a$$ while spinning plates like they used to do in variety acts, while keeping my [eye] on the ball of video editing and minority-woman-owned-small-business success. I’ll get by with a little help from my friends and my family and introduce you to that cast of awesome characters along the way. Welcome to the world where video editing is my professional BAE (Before Anything Else).

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