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VM101: The Company Mission

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

This is my second class for Video Marketing 101.

Tell the world your mission. Why did you start your company in the first place?

Just click to watch: The Company Mission

This happens to be a very simply produced low cost video, with no expensive professional video/audio equipment used. I’ve used a Samsung S8 Active, for video and sound recording, and a tripod. Future videos will upgrade the lighting/microphones used, but I just wanted to show you that you can do-it-yourself, if you desire.

Video Closed Captions for The Company Mission:

Hi! I’m Rachel Hardy, owner and lead editor of EyeCatching Edits. The second video I want to talk about is the Company Mission video. It’s very similar to the personal introduction video, it just introduces your services and your goals for your business for your client. [on-screen graphic: What can you do for them?]

For instance, my company’s mission to make video accessible and affordable for every budget. [on-screen graphic: You get a video! Your company gets a video!] We have all heard that video is king, or queen, if you will. Don’t get left behind because your don’t have video available like other companies have available. [on-screen graphic: 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video. -- source: Hubspot] I’m here to help you, on your budget, make something that catches people’s eyes and ears on the internet, social media, your website, even with a link in your email. [on-screen graphic: Big and small budgets.]

Even if you’re nervous about appearing on camera, as I am, we can change it up. [on-screen graphic: You have options.] Every service and product has a story that can be told in video form. And it shouldn’t necessarily be a long video. [on-screen graphic: What’s your story? Let’s tell it.] Brief is better for the internet and for people who are scrolling through their feeds and for people who don’t have a lot of time. [on-screen graphic: K.I.S.S. Keep it short and sweet.]

I can write, produce and direct for you, and get the job done. Bring me in. Talk to me. Let me know what your needs are. I want to elevate your brand. I want to get you recognized. [on-screen graphic: EyeCatching Edits logo: Hand grasping eyeball with play button as pupil. Your Brand. Elevated. Your Brand. Recognized.]

I hope I gave you a good example of what I think a company mission video can be. Please give me a call. [on-screen graphic: Let’s get started! 317-883-9217 or email rachel-at-EyeCatchingEdits-dot-com. Website www-dot-EyeCatchingEdits-dot-com.]

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