• Rachel Hardy

Why Video Editing?

I spent years recording events and interviews, capturing footage and mic’ing wonderful people. I learned lighting techniques and tech specs, but the whole time my favorite focus was always post-production. Post-production is the hot fudge on my sundae. Adding motion to the ocean of recorded footage… tweaking and correcting exposure and color of the video… solving the puzzle for the clearest most compelling stories and promotions to best explain the client’s purpose, is what I love to do.

Lots of cinematographers love to shoot. Lots of them hate the editing process. To them I say, “Let me do it!” I’m here for that. In like Flynn. Ready for the eddy. Cuttin’ on those buttons. Okay, now I’m just seeing if anyone reads this stuff.

What if you aren’t a pro videographer or cinematographer? I’m here for you, too. You’ve captured some fun footage and photos that tell your business’s story. If you have a slogan, a logo, a product or service, a fun character who works with you, or if you’re that fun character, you're ready for your closeup! I promise I can put together a fun social media video to let the world know you’re there. Let’s do this!

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