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You Can Be You! Authentic videos

Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Struggling with how much YOU you should be? It can happen to lots of people in life, and you can bet there’s an authenticity struggle when it comes to business. Do you allow yourself to be authentic at work? Would you want your personal brand and your company’s brand to be authentic? (Here, Forbes offers some questions to determine your brand.)

I can’t say that I’ve always been myself at work. When I worked as a journalist, the culture and its people were to be unbiased for every story, and we field journalists were to dress professionally to blend in no matter our assignment. Since I’m a very emotional person with opinions, who likes to dress to express myself, I had to hide those parts away during as much of my work hours as possible. I felt responsible, but not authentic. Next, I worked for a company who touted being proud of their welcoming authentic atmosphere and attitude. During my first day’s orientation, I spotted people with purple hair and piercings, and thought, this company’s culture really was authentic in wanting their employees to be authentic. What a relief.

Lots of designers and creatives use an online hub called Envato for inspiration and resources, and they’ve provided us some reassurance about being ourselves. Here’s their post on Mid-Year Trends for 2019. Check out #5 for Video: Yes, You Can Be You. The quote from their Video Marketing Specialist, Jen McKinnon, “Authenticity is probably the number one thing that seems to be resonating with video-makers in 2019, and a shift in viewer preference towards more raw, honest content has driven that change.”

Be yourself
Be authentic.

So, guess what? YOU CAN BE YOU. Do I hear a resounding sigh of relief? I sure feel better about being myself. And I sure as h-e-double-hockeysticks feel better about my VM101 videos. I felt goofy recording them, editing them and sharing them, but I knew I was sticking with my cheesy style for my own brand. It’s hard to tell other businesses I really can present their brand - by showing my brand - when their brand could be completely different, but I needed to show who I really am.

Emphasizing who other companies are is my biz. Your brand elevated. Your brand recognized. Need video for social media, websites, email sends or TV? Contact EyeCatching Edits for that.

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